Empowering Ambitious Founders To Scale, Fund, Sell

A membership platform that allows you to:

Immerse yourself in curated content tried and tested by founders, for founders.

Ask your questions to coaches and experts with real world experience.

Join a community of like-minded founders to share the journey.

All at a fraction of the price of bespoke consultancy.

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Welcome to FounderZone

Your business journey just got easier.

Spend 15-minutes a day on FounderZone and feel your business soar.


Levelling the playing field for ALL founders

A membership platform that democratises premium strategic consulting to empower founders everywhere to scale, fund, sell.

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What FounderZone is (and isn't)

FZ is not a business school.

FZ is not a one size fits all curriculum.  Going beyond theory, FZ delivers practical insights you can tailor to achieve specific goals; scale, fund, sell.

FZ is not an accelerator.

We'll ensure you get access (for as long as it takes) to the insights you need to scale, fund and sell the right way. We will take no stake in your business, your business is yours.

FZ Hosts are not career consultants.

Every host has real business experience. We know what it’s like to build a business and we’re here to support you throughout your journey.

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Our Zones

Four zones that empower you to grow, fund, scale, and sell, ensuring you deploy capital effectively.

Personal Growth For Founders




Grow Your Business The Smart Way






Raise and Deploy Capitol Efficiently




Sell Your Business With A Proud Outcome




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Our Mission

To enable the effective deployment of capital for the good of humanity

 The FZ team have bold ambitions for you. 

FounderZone democratises high-priced strategic business consulting to provide access to any founder, anywhere; levelling the playing field and giving all founders a fair chance.

You and other FZ members begin to flip the stats around startup success; you scale, fund and sell your businesses. 

As part of FZ Alumni you become an investor.  Lifting other founders up to achieve their ambitions.

You and the FZ community represent the most diverse and efficient founders and investors the world has seen, ensuring the effective deployment of capital for the good of humanity.

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FZ Essentials Membership

Access to the FZ platform which includes:

  • On-demand content across 4 Zones; Founder Growth, Scale, Fund, Sell
  • Downloadable tools and templates to immediately take action in your business
  • Weekly live events to ask your burning questions
  • A community of like-minded founders to support you through your journey

Investment: £45/month

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