Raising VC Capital

FOUNDERzone Live 2020

live news Nov 03, 2020

Fewer than 1% of companies that seek VC capital are actually successful.

The inaugural FOUNDERzone Live series "Raising VC Capital" kicks off in less than seven days now with an online programme of 'live' sessions to be delivered via Zoom webinar over five weeks starting Tuesday 10 November 2020 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (GMT).

If you are a first time business founder looking to raise capital now or at some stage in the future then this online programme is for you!  This will put you in control of the process by helping you to understand how a VC thinks and what attributes they are really looking for in a business. 

Presented by the founder of BEAN Partners Damian Woodward — who has more than a decade of experience providing advice to high growth tech companies on raising VC capital, M&A and other strategic business activity. The outline of the 'live' sessions is as follows:

  1. Developing a funding plan (Tue 10 Nov 20)
  2. Getting investor ready (Tue 17 Nov 20) 
  3. Valuation (Tue 24 Nov 20)
  4. Deal structuring (Tue 1 Dec 20)
  5. Communicating with investors (Tue 8 Dec 20)

Plus, access to additional resources and videos for each session, which can be accessed using your FOUNDERzone.com account.

Enrol now to save 20% on the full programme cost of £1,500 GBP (using the coupon code:  FZLIVE20) and we will set you up with your FZ account ready to go for session 1 in a weeks time.  

Go on, get in the 'zone'... (https://www.founderzone.com/fzlive

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