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news Oct 21, 2020

Welcome to FOUNDERzone.com! (we will sometimes just call it 'FZ' for short...)

The 'zone' is now up and running, including some initial details about our inaugural FOUNDERzone Live series on "Raising VC Capital" which will run with an hour long 'live' Zoom session weekly starting on Tuesday 10 November 2020 over a period of five weeks.

Details for enrolment in this first of our paid online programmes will be published very shortly, but if you are a new business founder or you are looking to raise capital now or at some stage in the future, then you can use the button at the bottom of our new Home Page to enter your contact details and sign up for your free subscription to the FOUNDERzone.com platform. We can then send you updates and more information as soon as it is ready to go.

Go on, get in the 'zone'... [email protected]

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